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Is help a word in your vocabulary? Ever need any help? Have you faced moments where help was what you needed? Do we not all face moments when the word help is really, well, helpful? Years ago the Beatles had a hit song called ‘Help’. The opening line was, ‘help, I need somebody’. We all live together on this planet earth, all 7 plus billion of us, and the reality is, we do need each other!  [Read More]
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Ever had those moments where you were incredibly hungry? You hear the churning noise in your stomach? Have you had those times where you feel really weak and say to yourself; ‘have I eaten today?’ have you ever said...'I'm famished!' It’s a no bra [Read More]
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Are you a Good Samaritan? Have you received from someone who became your Good Samaritan? Are you a person who tends to see the needs of others? What is your heart reaction when the poor, needy, and the oppressed are seen in front of you? I believe we [Read More]
Published by Dan Darling on August 27, 2013 at 12:47 PM |  Comments: 0
Do you like to build? Do you like projects where you have to figure stuff out and then build something? Do you enjoy those projects when complete you stand back and say, ‘hey, not bad, not bad at all!’ Well, what about life? Have you ever considered [Read More]
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Are you a dreamer? Are you one of those people who dream all the time about life, hopes, and accomplishments? Can you dream big dreams? Maybe you don’t like to dream because you think it will never happen or your hopes have been dashed. Maybe you dre [Read More]
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We seem to be people of 'proof' wouldn't you say? We like to have or see some proof! We carry ID's with a fine picture of you, social security cards maybe, credit cards with our names on them. The contracts that we make today are like books, pages and pages of clauses and affirmations and all kinds of legal jargon. Somehow we have dwarfed into a people that seemingly want proof for everything. [Read More]
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Run, run, run, for your life!!! Have you had a few times where you just wanted to run from it all? Oh, maybe more than a few? I suppose we all could think of moments in our lives where we thought about running. Are you a runner? Have you run away fro [Read More]
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How would you define wisdom? What comes to mind when we mention wisdom? Do you know someone whom you would consider to be a wise person? Webster defined wisdom with the following: accumulated philosophic or scientific learning or knowledge, ability t [Read More]
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So, when was the last time you got a ticket? How about going before a judge? Do you think laws are important? Do you think some laws are unfair? We seem to have more lawyers than doctors, why is that? What is it about the law that makes us cringe? [Read More]
Published by Dan Darling on May 14, 2013 at 01:41 PM |  Comments: 0
Are you satisfied? Are you happy? Do you remember your mom or someone asking the question; are you happy? Or, maybe they wanted you to be happy so they said, hey; cheer up, be happy, be happy with what you have! Do you sense a satisfaction in your li [Read More]


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