Men's Bible Study

Fall 2014

At present we are looking into the study of 'The Stages of Life'.

The Bible talks of men at different stages of their lives and how we adapt to each age as we move through the corridor of time. Fortunately for us the Bible gives us plenty of example at various men at various stages and ages to consider! Imagine a young king Josiah for example, who at age eight came to lead the children of Israel...imagine...age eight. What about Daniel who was said to be just a 'young man' when taken into the palace of Nebuchadnezzar. We could talk of Moses, Abraham, the disciples, and a host of we will look into understanding how God used these different men at all stages of life! From these examples we will consider our own lives!

Come join us at 7pm on Wednesdays!

Sunday Morning Series

Join Us Every Sunday Morning for Family Worship at 10:45am.

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Wednesday Gathering

Our Mid-week gathering for reconnecting and the study of God's Word.

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Books, Music, Sites etc.

Helpful Links and Resources to Help you in your daily Spiritual Journey.

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